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Wooden Numbers Magic Cubes

  • Contain 8 numbers wooden blocks
  • The blocks are small and light enough for little hands
  • Encourages co-ordination and early learning
  • 56pcs picture flash cards to help your child  learn math



There are many ways to help children learn math facts. Flash cards can be effective if you use them at the right time. Before encouraging your child to answer math facts quickly, it is important to help your child build a conceptual understanding of math facts so that she can transfer her knowledge across contexts. Get this Numbers Magic Cubes online from Gracepak Ventures Toys Planet and have delivered to you.




  • Numbers Magic Cubes: The set contain 8 numbers wooden blocks, 2 holding board for picture flash cards and the one for holding the spinning rod and number blocks. They are 56pcs picture flash cards to help your child  learn math.
  • The Twist Number Blocks by Hey! Play! are a classic Montessori kindergarten learning toy that your little boy or girl will surely love! The set of 8 wooden blocks are printed numbers and  simple math signs. Twist blocks are a great educational toy that can help teach children the basics simple math skills