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Wooden Donuts Number-crunching

  • Back to back blackboard and puzzle board
  • Chalks and erasers
  • Loops and loop board
  • Numbers and symbol for computing


Let the children free painting -know the numbers 1-100 -Use a circle of different pattern, to enhance self creative thinking of the thin coat -Use wood the number on the add, subtract, multiply and divide. Order for this Donuts Number-Crunching Board online and have it delivered to your doorstep.


  • This Learning Board has two sides, one side is maths, another size is black board where kids can write on it.
  • Digital Cognition: A perfect digital building blocks cartoon pattern combination can better facilitate children learn cognitive ability.
  • Loops Function: Children can use different coloured circles to count to determine the numbers, a number of fingers method.
  • Digital Computing: The use of numbers and symbols like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division for computing, learning more  fun
  • Quill can be removed and re-assembled, and finally donut.



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