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Playground Swivel Seesaw

  • Type: 2 seater
  • Age recommended: 2-3years
  • Material: Plastic
  • Location: Indoors and outdoor
  • Size: 1500mm*490mm*290mm



Seesaw is a long narrow board supported by single pivot point mostly located between both ends. It helps children to learn how to balance themselves while playing. Kids can promote balance and coordination skills while they are playing the seesaw, the motion helps to stretch and strengthen their muscles, conducive to their physical development, why don’t choose place it to your backyardfor kids’ hours of fun. it is suitable for different weather condition & playing occasions, such as living room, garden, park, Your children and their friends will have good memories with our seesaw. Order now for this Kids Swivel Seesaw online and have it delivered to you.


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