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Kids Interactive Smart Driver Toy – 3+ Years – Multicolor

  • Lots of Sound Effects and Fun Phrases
  • Plays Lots of Interactive Car Sounds
  • Age recommendation: 3+ years
  • Materials: High-quality environmentally friendly plastic


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Drive into learning fun with this Kids Smart Driver. The dashboard buttons feature fun words and sound effects. There is also a counting gear stick that goes through a child’s first numbers 1-10.The child can also amuse themselves with the ignition key, accelerator, brake, horn, left and right indicators. This is a unique  educational toy that helps the child develop language skills in a playful and stimulating way. Your child can discover a world of sounds, words and phrases that encourage language skills as they drive to five locations: the school, the supermarket, the park, the mechanic and home. Smart Driver features many realistic car sounds thus meeting your child’s fantasy. Your little one will love pretending to drive using the steering wheel. Lots of interactive buttons including a horn, traffic lights, ignition key and turning wheel.

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