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Berries DIY Foam Slime

  • Use of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Great DIY
  • Perfect gift for children.
  • Very soft, smooth, non-sticky.
  • Fine in quality and exquisite in color

KSh 300.00



  • Making slime is actually educational too. Slime is awesome stress relieving tool and it makes an awesome break.
  • Some kids like to keep their hands busy and this also helps them to focus .
  • Kids who need extra help with sensory processing work will love slime too!
  • While your hands are busy mixing slime, adding glitter, squishing talk about the unique chemical composition that makes up slime.
  • Tactile activities like slime making are a treat for the senses. Kids are engaging their sense of touch! For so many kids, slime can be such relaxing, calming, regulating activity. That’s exactly why they gravitate toward making.


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