Cartoon Jenga Wooden Blocks Game is a fun game to get out when you have friends over. Whether playing competitively or just for fun this outdoor game is the perfect accessory for a beach, your favorite hangout, and everywhere else you go. A traditional lawn game ideal for all ages and sure to entertain the whole family! Dream big, and build your next party up to its full potential with this crazy fun stacking game!
The main objective of the game is really easy and simple. The player removes blocks from the tower and puts it in the top of the tower. Whichever player is the last player or team to successfully remove a block and place it on the top. The game stops when the tower becomes unstable and falls down.
Non Toxic, No Hazardous Chemical, No Odor
Long Lasting & Safe Color Paintings
Easy to Clean
Shape Sorting, Color Recognition
Great for for all the family
Material: solid wood
Product name: wooden blocks game
Product Includes: 54 blocks & 4 dices
Blocks size: 7.5×2.5×1.5cm
Dices size: D1cm