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Violent Volcano

  • Make a ‘lava-ly’ erupting volcano
  • Become a survival safety expert and discover why volcanoes blow their tops
  • Includes an 8-page ‘Horrible Info’ leaflet
  • Contains plastic volcano model, tartaric acid, bicarbonate of soda, goggles, scoop and mini card stand-ups
  • Suitable from age 8 years and up
  • Original price was: KSh3,044.Current price is: KSh1,550.

    Let your little one make an erupting volcano and allow them to learn the basic rules of survival with our Galt Violent Volcano.
    The set includes a plastic volcano model, tartaric acid, bicarbonate of sold, goggles, scoop, mini card stand ups, and Horrible Info leaflet
    Suitable for ages 8 years +

    Weight 0.2 kg
    Dimensions 6.5 × 14 × 21.5 cm



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